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Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c. was born in 1976 from an idea of Renato Gobbi, father of the current owner, who  decided to start his own business opening a small company. Initially our company dealt almost exclusively with polishing of household items in 18/10 steel, paying particular attention to local producers. The goal of Renato was to provide a professional polishing service to large companies not willing to invest huge amount of money in the manufacturing process of semi-finished products. A simple and effective idea, but still unripe.

Thanks to the innovative contributions made by his son Valeriano, the company begun his maturation. The work increased and so the customers, therefore in 2001 the company moved to the second batch of the industrial area of Lumezzane. In this way, Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c. became part of a network of companies in constant expansion.

Valeriano has gradually realized his business idea, buying various equipments that allowed him to increase the range of processing and treated items. Thanks to these insights, today Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c. doesn’t offer only the typical metal processing, such as polishing, grinding and glazing, but  also deals with industrial cleaning, a kind of treatment that is now the flagship of the company.


The experience gained in these 40 years and the improvements we have made, allowed Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c.  to increase the range of articles we treat, touching all the most important sectors of metals production, such us: gift items, home accessories and fittings bathroom furniture, accessories for metal frames and components for furniture, articles for the interior and exterior lighting, household equipment, items for food and pharmaceutical use, parts for automotive and shipbuilding industries.

Today the company has grown, but our goal is always the same: give light to / polish Your ideas!



As always our goal is to provide the customer a high quality service in order to compete at higher levels. Our aim is to meet your expectations with innovative solutions. We want to earn your trust, in order to create a relationship based on efficiency, listening, teamwork and passion. Also we want to make unique your products in a way that accurately reflect your wishes. We operate at high quality standards, quickly and, above all, with competitive prices. We want to establishing a close connection to our costumer,  through our seriousness and our services. In order to create a lasting relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Our goal is to give light to your ideas!

Furthermore, our company has always paid attention to both the environment and safety of our team, ensuring balance between business purposes, environmental protection and safety.

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