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Satin finishing is a popular type of finish that is easier to obtain than mirror polishing and makes the products on which it is applied less delicate. Moreover, this operation covers any surface defects of materials and any marks left by other processes.

This kind finishing has multiple applications.  Satin finishing gives to the treated components  the characteristic matt appearance, giving the pieces a very elegant look.  But this kind of operation has not only aesthetic purposes. In fact, this finishing is particularly required by manufacturers of surgical instruments, because it makes these surfaces opaque so that the tools don’t  emit annoying reflections under the lights of an operating room, but at the same time maintain an extremely low roughness.

Moreover,  Satin finishing represents one of the most popular methods for the treatments of stainless steel sheets, because it gives to the final component a modern and elegant look, that nowadays is very required especially in the furniture and construction industry.


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