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Deburring is the first stage of metal surface treatments.

This procedure is performed by using suitable abrasives that eliminate any imperfections resulting from fusion operations. Components and mechanical parts generally require this kind of operation before they are ready for their final use, as fusion does not allow for accurate dimensional tolerance.

Actually, in most engineering applications, components must be interchangeable in order to function reliably during their expected life. It is therefore necessary to achieve a dimensional tolerance that primary technological processes are unable to achieve.

Moreover, metal surfaces often present distortions and alterations, that require finishing operations such as grinding to obtain the final dimensions and the required surface quality.

This type of procedure should not be underestimated. In fact, small issues that rise from primary processing may worsen later, as internal burrs and burr residues could compromise the proper functioning of the components.

Deburring presents a lot of difficulties, as a matter of fact, parts with complex shapes often present  difficult-to-reach spots. In addition, the slightest mistake can leave the item different from its original shape, which is the reason why deburring operations are very sensitive.

For these reasons it is necessary to assign this work to specialised professionals. From this point of view Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c. offers high quality standards with its first-class staff.


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