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The industrial washing department is one of the strengths of our company.  Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c. offers the customer two modern closed-loop washing machines with solvent and ultrasound  to ensure a final product brilliant and free from any residues. This process is also effective for the elimination of the residual fat derived from the blanking or molding processes.

The washing system is composed by several stages:

In the first instance, the components are immersed in a washing chamber with solvent and ultrasounds, where the pre-wash phase is carried out. The components are then transferred to a second washing chamber, where the effectiveness of the operation is increased through the use of higher intensity ultrasounds, in order to ensure a perfect cleaning even of those areas that are hard to reach with other systems.

Finally the steam generated by the distillation unit is sent to the washing chamber, where it condenses on the cold walls. This procedure ensures the total removal of each type of pollutant (oil, grease, chips, waxes, foundry sand).

When the process is complete, the final product is visually inspected by our team and the level of cleanliness is checked through the so-called “marker test.”

Through our advanced machinery we are able to achieve quality standards that only few other companies can match. For this reason, we are suppliers of customers that produce components in the automotive sector for the major automotive brands on the market.

Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c. is also very eco-conscious. All our machines are equipped with an active carbon absorption system, which eliminates harmful emissions in order to ensure a lower environmental impact and preserve the health of our staff.

Our machines are of different capacity to meet any need. A specialized staff will carry out cleaning tests to determine the best solution from a technical and economic point of view in order to meet the specific needs of each costumer.


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