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Grinding is part of a larger series of metal surface treatments. More precisely, grinding consists in removing angular edges, burrs or melting residues from metal components. It is carried out using abrasive belts and flap wheels using semi-automatic machines or by hand.

The process initially involves the use of different kind of abrasives, up to reach the desired level of surface smoothness.

Grinding is one of the most important surface processing operations to treat stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum. In this phase the operator must be extremely precise in order to obtain an even surface, ready for further processing.

After that, a part can undergo subsequent operations, such as satin finishing or mirror polishing  to further enhance the quality of the metal. In any case, grinding is necessary before any other surface treatment or painting.

Gobbi Valeriano & C. S.n.c. carries out grinding either manually or with rotary-table machinery, using professional cleaners able to meet the particular needs of our costumers, providing a high-quality finished product.


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