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Technical cleaning is an issue that is becoming increasingly important within the industrial landscape and affects sectors such as the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, electronics, and the medical sector.

Nowadays, the increasing complexity of technical products has caused an increasing need for safety and quality guarantees. In fact, even the slightest contaminant can have effects on the durability of an assembled product, its reliability and its functionality.

Our task is to support customers in managing the increasingly stringent cleaning specifications imposed on mechanical items. With our ultrasonic washing systems we are able to achieve very low contamination values. In addition, we are able to internally check the cleanliness of the components thanks to our laboratory, which allows us to perform cleanliness tests (clean tests) in accordance with the major industry regulations such as ISO 16232, ISO 4406 and VDA 19.1.

The expertise gained in this area has allowed us to help our customers, who work for prominent automotive companies, to achieve the required cleaning standards with professionalism and reliability.


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